Thursday, 10 July 2008

I'm up a height...

...My very first Blog. Exciting.

In this space I'll be keeping folks updated with all my art endeavours. I'll post updates on the progress of Green Tees ( ) as well as anything else I have going on.

Here's where I am right now...The tees for my first run are all here, the Jackdaw design has been printed and I'll be doing the other two this weekend. I'm going to get better pics up on the site once all tees are done as those photoshopped efforts are a little small.

I'm also currently working on a set of three illustrations I'm excited about turning into my next set of designs. There's a pretty poor photograph of the first at the top of this blog. Once all three are done I'm going to do a run of screen prints and tees which will be based on the originals, but not identical copies. It'll be a while until they're all available but I'll keep you posted.
Thanks, Neil.x

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